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We’ve already delivered over 200 foresight and strategy projects in 21 countries. SAMI can help you gain the “aha” of insight, build scenarios for alternative futures, and make more robust decisions.


SAMI: The home of scenario planning
The world is changing. Fast. You need to make decisions that will stand the test of time. But you can no longer depend on looking to the past to make decisions about the future.
SAMI provides consultancy, research and training in scenario planning and other futures and foresight techniques to help organisations develop strategy and policy with an eye on the future. For example:
• Organisations facing total upheaval in their business environment can use our scenario approach to establish a robust role.
• For a government building a future vision for Higher Education, we helped produce a strategy and implement it.
• Our futures thinking approaches aid organisations looking to create strategies for new business opportunities.
• Good organisational governance relies on foresight to give resilience. We develop scenarios to help you design a robust governance structure.
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  SAMI Consulting - The home of scenario planning

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SAMI has long and wide experience in Training Workshops on Strategic Futures for Strategy and Policy Development.
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Here is an introduction to the most common futures techniques

Although plenty of commentators are now speculating on the impact of Brexit, it is clear that no-one really knows and a wide range of scenarios is possible. SAMI Consulting can help your organisation to understand the specific implications for your own strategy.
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SAMI is 25 years old
Since our launch as St Andrews Management Institute at the University of St Andrews in 1989, the world has come a long way.
For our 25th we decided to run a virtual year-long celebration: in the first six months we looked back over the 25 years with a blog posting on each; over the second six we blogged about key factors affecting the future. Collected summaries of these blogs are now available.
Some snapshots of 2040
– a collection of blogs first published as part of SAMI’s 25th Anniversary celebration.
What works and what does not
– thoughts from the front line of “strategy with a view of the future” over the last 25 years

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