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SIFT - SAMI Institute of Forward Thinking

This is a collection of papers on or of futures thinking and parallel issues that have fallen our way and are reproduced with the consent of the authors.

  • Some snapshots of 2040
    For SAMI's 25th anniversary we undertook a series of blogs looking at a wide range of topics in 2040, the next 25 years
  • What works and what does not – thoughts from the front line of “strategy with a view of the future” over the last 25 years
    For SAMI's 25th anniversary we undertook a series of blogs looking at a wide range of projects we had been involved in since 1989 and summarised what could be learnt from them.
  • Scenario Projects in Japanese Government
    Twenty years of experience; Five tales from the front line.
    This report by Masahiro Kakura of the Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo is a GraSPP working paper, and looks at how scenario planning in government differs from scenario planning in the corporate world.
    GraSPP Discussion Papers can be downloaded without charge from:
  • Vision - Romanian HE in 2025 - Seeds for the Future
    This Vision is the result of a broad foresight exercise. it is the product of the strategic project Quality and Leadership in Romanian Higher Education, implemented between 2009-2011 by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) and its partners
  • Mini-scenarios for 2025 - The future state of HE in Europe
    This  report brings  alternatives views on the future of higher education in Europe, based onan online  survey  among  senior university  managers and university researchers in Europe. It serves as an input for the vision building process  for the future of higher education in Romania, as part of the Project "Quality and Leadership in higher education in Romania". 
  • FOR-UNI Blueprint - A Blueprint for Organizing Foresight in Universities
    The Blueprint for Organizing Foresight in Universities is a report produced during the project Quality and Leadership for Romanian Higher Education. Its primary purpose is to help generate or enhance the prospective function of Romanian universities.
  • Scenarios for energy in Europe to 2035.pdf
    SAMI and Article 13 jointly organize a series of scenario explorations of strategic topics. The first topic was the future of energy. This was developed in two stages: first, in a Gen Y Forum, in which Gen Y participants and experts developed a common view of the major uncertainties and hence the scenario axes. The second stage was an event with the Strategic Planning Society (SPS) Special interest Group on Futures and Strategy, which used briefing on future trends and the Three Horizons1 methodology to develop the storylines.
  • Scenarios for the future of publishing
    We see a future of the publishing of content in which people will access bite-sized pieces of content from a wide range of global electronic sources, anywhere, anytime and will be willing to pay small sums for each transaction. How might this play out in different markets
  • The Future of Publishing
    This report is based on a project undertaken by SAMI in the Technology Strategy Board’s competition for feasibility funding in the “Convergence in a digital landscape” Programme. The project started on 1st January 2013 and completed on 31st August 2013. The topic we investigated was “how owners of business content could use the new opportunities arising from global electronic delivery of bite-sized content of all types – text, images, audio, ----.”
  • Foresight Futures 2020
    These scenarios were developed, reviewed and revised between 1999 and 2002 by a team of researchers at SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex, in consultation with stakeholders from business, government and academia. The framework builds on an extensive review of national and global futures scenarios and draws on work of related scenarios exercises from the Foresight programme and more broadly. The scenario storylines draw on an analysis of current socio-economic trends, but they also introduce elements of novelty and change. The main criteria for the development of scenarios’ storylines are consistency and plausibility.
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