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You need a vision that describes your preferred future - “you gotta have a dream, or how you gonna have a dream come true?” Or as Abraham Lincoln said “The best way to predict your future is to create it”.

The vision must be achievable while inspiring, challenging the status quo and conveying the purpose and value of the organisation to your stakeholders.

Achieving the vision requires shared ownership amongst the key stakeholders, so you need to work across the whole team to build in a wide range of perspectives. You then need to develop aims and objectives which support and deliver the vision. The timescale of the vision is important too – too short and it won’t stretch people, too long and it will be vague and lacking urgency.

A vision must be built on an understanding of the range of potential futures that may be encountered, so Visioning often follows scenario analysis. Other tools – eg SWOT analysis – may also be useful.

But it can’t just be a dream – you need to build the steps required to achieve it. By building a cascading hierarchy of aims and objectives you can start to build up a practical action plan that leads from today to your preferred future.

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