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Case Study: Grant Thornton 2 - Bringing futures techniques to life.


Grant Thornton is one of the major global accounting networks and Grant Thornton member firms are leading business advisers helping organisations unlock their potential for growth.

SAMI's Role

SAMI worked with Grant Thornton International Ltd (the coordinating entity of the Grant Thornton network), from January to May 2017, to explore ways in which futures planning techniques could be brought to life both in Grant Thornton member firms and with their clients. SAMI’s role was as process adviser and facilitator, with Grant Thornton staff leading at all stages.

The aim was to use future thinking techniques, including Looking Back and Three Horizons, as a basis for conversations to help all parts of the business to share thoughts and perceptions about what the future might have in store both for their business and also their clients and, by doing so, help everyone engage with, and meet, the challenges of the future.

The outcomes

With the help of Grant Thornton staff we developed a set of drivers of change and scenarios for Europe in 2030. These pre-developed steps enabled us to design and develop a facilitated half-day workshop that Grant Thornton member firms can use with their clients to build dialogue both about a range of possible futures and also business challenges that the clients might face. This workshop was successfully piloted and then introduced across the member firms at their annual conference.

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