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Case Study: Foresight in support of the EC’s Horizon 2020 3rd Strategic Programme


SAMI Consulting was commissioned by the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Directorate to run three workshops to inform the preparation for the 3rd Strategic Programme (2018-20). The three workshops formed the standard scenario process – drivers, scenarios, implications. The participants were selected and invited by the EC team.

SAMI's Role

SAMI managed the workshops, designing the input, output and process, and facilitating the group work during the workshops.

The workshops were held in May, June and September of 2015 and the final report was completed in December 2015.

The outcomes

The reports, which are available at the Europa Bookshop.

The team

The Project Director was Gill Ringland, with Martin Duckworth, David Lye and Joe Ravetz For further information contact

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