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Case Study: Sovereign Housing Association

Sovereign Housing Association is the largest housing association in the south and south west of England, providing over 36,000 homes. Working in over 60 local authority areas and employing over 1,000 people, they offer a wide range of homes from affordable rent to outright sale.

In 2007, Nick Jackson & Gill Ringland helped Clare Powell the Strategy Manager run a workshop to set the context for building a new management team after a merger. We used the Foresight 2020 scenarios, tailored to housing.

In 2013, Sovereign had grown considerably and the business environment for social housing had changed, and there were major changes to the benefits system. Sovereign decided to undertake a strategic review and Clare Powell – now Strategy Director – asked SAMI whether we could work with her team to develop scenarios as part of the preparation for that.

We worked with strategy team to design & run the scenario creation and testing process from September to December 2013 as input to the strategic review. This involved a series of internal and external interviews, desk research and creation of a natural agenda, and workshops with the Senior Management Team, the Executive and the Board.

Contact: Gill Ringland
July 2014.

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