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Published Client Project Reports and Books from SAMI Consulting
(reverse chronological)

  • Foresight on new and emerging occupational safety and health risks associated with digitalisation by 2025 (2018)

    The final results of EU-OSHA’s foresight project on the increasing digitalisation of work and the associated challenges for occupational safety and health (OSH) are now available in a new report. Artificial intelligence, collaborative robots, virtual and augmented reality, online platforms and other innovations are set to change the ways that people work.

    People are less likely to work in traditional hazardous environments thanks to robotics and automation, while work-related stress and ergonomic risks are likely to be on the increase as a result of trends such as new forms of human-machine interfaces, increased online and mobile work, workers’ monitoring and management by algorithms, blurred boundaries between work and private life or more frequent job changes. SAMI worked with The HSL Foresight Centre on this.

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  • “Green jobs and occupational safety and health: Foresight on new and emerging risks associated with new technologies by 2020”

    Prepared by the UK Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), SAMI Consulting and Technopolis Group and published by EU OSHA in April 2013. The full report is available here and the summary here.

    The report describes the project ‘Foresight of new and emerging risks to occupational safety and health associated with new technologies in green jobs by 2020’, carried out for the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). The outcome of the exercise is a set of scenarios covering a range of new technologies in green jobs and the impact they could have on workers’ health and safety.


  • “Here be Dragons: navigating in an uncertain world”

    Published by Choir Press at the end of last March 2012, it is available on Amazon. The title of the book which the webinar is launching, Here be Dragons, comes from the map on our cover: once there was the known world and beyond that was the unknown world – where mysterious and strange creatures such as dragons dwelt, ready to pounce upon unwary travellers. The experts – Gill Ringland, Patricia Lustig, Rob Phaal, Martin Duckworth and Chris Yapp – have come together to bring the Cycle of Renewal to life.


  • “In Safe Hands? The Future of Financial Services”

    Published as part of Long Finance’s ‘Financial Centre Futures’programme sponsored by The Qatar Financial Centre Authority. This report , prepared by SAMI (Gill Ringland) develops four scenarios in order to consider what our future could be and to understand the implications of possible technological, demographic, geo-political and environmental changes for financial services in 2050. See also


  • "The Globalisation of Corporate Governance: The Challenge of Clashing Cultures"

    Published by Collins in 2011,, Adrian Davies, author and Director of SAMI Consulting, outlines in this book how the litany of corporate governance failures in OECD companies is holding the widespread adoption of minimum global corporate standards back, and will impede the international investment necessary to re-build the global economy back to its full potential.


  • "Foresight of New and Emerging Risks to Occupational Safety and Health Associated with New Technologies in Green Jobs by 2020"

    Two reports produced for and published by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.
    Phase 1 Key Drivers of Change here
    Phase 2 Key Technologies here


  • "Powering Ahead"

    A power sector foresight report on the drivers of skills in the UK’s power sector over the coming decades, prepared for EU Skills and the National Skills Academy - Power, in 2011.

    The report is available here.


  • National Strategic Skills Audit for Wales 2011

    A follow on study in support of UKCES for the Welsh Government, here.


  • "Automotive Retail Sector. Scenario analysis of Potential Skill Requirements in 2020"

    For the Institute of the Motor Industry, in July 2010, we developed scenarios and quantified the possible futures for the industry in 2020. The report is available here.


  • UKCES "Horizon Scanning and Scenario Building: Scenarios for Skills 2020"

    Published by UKCES in March 2010, this report , prepared by SAMI (Martin Duckworth, Nick Jackson and John Reynolds) is part of a suite of reports commissioned and prepared by UKCES as part of their National Strategic Skills Audit for England 2010. Click here for UKCES case study. The other UKCES reports can be found at the UKCES website.


  • "2020 Vision:The Future of UK Construction "

    A project with Experian for the Construction Skills Sector Council, in May 2008, quantified the outcomes of four scenarios for the workforce requirements to 2020, and the implications for training needs for the UK construction sector. The report is here.


  Link to Amazon:Beyond Crisis
  • "Beyond Crisis – achieving renewal in a turbulent world"

    Click image to go to Amazon to buy

    A hardback book by Gill Ringland, Dr Oliver Sparrow and Patricia Lustig addresses the changes that need to be made within organisations to respond to the unprecedented issues arising out of the financial crisis of 2006 – 2008. It will be published by John Wiley 19 March 2010.


  • "Scenarios for Health and Safety in 2017"

    In 2006 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) engaged Infinite Futures and SAMI Consulting to lead a scenario-building project with the in-house Horizon Scanning team at the Health and Safety Laboratory. The aim of the project was to develop scenarios for the ‘Future of Health and Safety in 2017’ in order to bring together the findings of the HSE horizon scanning system. An HSE Research Report describing the project has been published on the HSE website here or at


  • For Natural England (2009)

    • "Global drivers of change to 2060" for Natural England here.

    • "Scenarios Compendium" for Natural England here

    • "Natural England Research Report NERR031" England’s natural environment in 2060 - issues, implications and scenarios, published 2009 here.


  • "An Assessment of the City’s ICT Infrastructure"

    Prepared by SAMI and published by the the City of London Corporation in June 2009.
    Available on the City of London website, here


  • "The Future of Services to the Public - Reviewing the Pressures and Challenges for Long Term Change "

    By SAMI consulting, published by CIPFA, this report summarised a project undertaken by SAMI Consulting for CIPFA in 2006 and 2007.

    The project was sponsored by lead sponsor CIPFA, with TUC, LSC, ICAEW, LGA, NHS Confederation, and the National Housing Federation and additional support from ACEVO, CBI and Confed. A research programme was led by SAMI, and the core questions were the focus of a Symposium held in Spring 2007.

    The full report is in two parts, Volume One - the main report and Volume Two - the appendices.


  • Scenarios for India and China 2015: Implications for the City of London

    By SAMI Consulting and Oxford Analytica, published by City of London, October 2006
    Download the full report or executive summary from the City of London website:
    Download the India China full report PDF (753kb)
    Download the India China executive summaryPDF (293kb)


  Link to Amazon:Scenario Planning
  • "Scenario Planning: Second Edition"

    Click image to go to Amazon to buy

    By Gill Ringland, 2006


  Link to Amazon:Corporate governance
  • "Best Practice in Corporate Governance"

    Click image to go to Amazon to buy

    By Adrian Davies, Gower Press, 2006



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