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SAMI Events

SAMI Consulting runs a number of occasional events.

Our next event is:

6 April 2017 - The Future of Work in Health
Global Futures and Foresight and SAMI Consulting are holding an invitation-only thought leadership event on the Future of Work in Health, on Thursday 6 April 2017, 2pm to 5pm; at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, 39a Bartholomew Close, London EC1A 7JN. The format will build on the combination of informed participants, a briefing from experts, and peer group working as developed for “Blowing the Cobwebs off your Minds”. The event will be for up to 40 people and consider the views of three different types of worker – scientists, health professionals and risk managers. The outputs will be captured and presented in blogs and other publications. Watch this space for more details on date, agenda and location and how to request an invitation.

Here are some recent events to give a flavour of what we do:

16 December 2016 – Corporate Governance and Risk Management failures and their prevention
On 16 December the CRSA (Control and Risk Self-Assessment) Forum held a short day event titled ‘Diagnosing Governance and Risk Management then Future Proofing Them’. It was an interactive facilitated discussion diagnosing why current governance and risk management systems have seemed ineffective in many cases and what could be done in different scenarios of the future. The morning looked at why corporate governance and risk management have failed to prevent frauds and financial crises and what needs to change to make them effective. The afternoon covered how the world might be different and concluded by discussing the implications for decisions today. SAMI CEO Gill Ringland was one of the facilitators.
A summary of the day's discussion has been prepared here, ‘Diagnosing Governance and Risk Management then Future Proofing Them’
Further details about the Forum can be found at

December 5th, 2016 – Machine thinking
In furtherance of our understanding of the 4th Industrial Revolution, SAMI with Ian Harris of Y/Zen Group ran a workshop on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) on 5th December.

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