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Presentations :

If you would like a copy of one of the presentations listed below please contact



  • The SAMI 25th Anniversary seminar held on the 7 June 2015, had five presentations followed by group discussions amongst around 40 friends of SAMI. The slides and sound tracks are available below, the videos will follow shortly.

    • All the slides (1mb pdf)
    • Introduction by Gill Ringland (3mins):
      • Sound (download mpeg4-audio 4mb)
      • Video (download wmv 70mb)
    • Horizon Scanning, Huw Williams (10 mins):
      • Sound(download mpg4-audio4 15mb)
      • Video (download wmv 220mb)
    • Sense Making, Michael Owen (14 mins):
      • Sound (download mpeg4-audio 20mb)
      • Video (download wmv 350mb)
    • Setting Priorities, Gill Ringland (9 mins):
      • Sound (download mpg4-audio4 13mb)
      • Video(download wmv 230 mb)
    • Implementation, David Lye (17 mins):
      • Sound(download mpg4-audio4 24mb)
      • Video (download wmv 73mb)
    • Looking Forward, Wendy Schultz(13 mins):
      • Sound (download mpg4-audio4 18mb)
      • Video (download wmv 1,265mb)
  • David Lye presented "Developments in Scenario Planning - Central Government and the Public Sector" at the British Academy of Management Conference on 3 June 2015 at the Shell Centre (theme: Developments in Scenario Planning).


  • Gill Ringland presented "Have Scenarios. What now?" to the University of Manchester in July 2014

  • Gill Ringland presented to Warwick Business School in June 2014 using Grant Thornton as a case study.

  • The slides of the final Cobwebs seminar held on the 20 January 2014, in a special event to commemorate Laurie Young are available.



  • Richard Walsh was the keynote speaker at the Finance-IT Conference in Denmark in September 2012, where 250 IT decision makers from the financial industry in Scandinavia met over two days.

  • Gill Ringland contributed to the week-long Foresight training offered by the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, in June 2012.

  • Gill Ringland spoke at the Cemfinance conference in June 2012.

  • Gill Ringland spoke at the Digital Money conference in March 2012.

  • The authors of Here be Dragons - Gill Ringland, Tricia Lustig, Martin Duckworth, Rob Phaal and Chris Yapp - launched “Here be Dragons” with a webinar in March 2012.

  • John Reynolds presented "The use of Scenarios to Evaluate Future Health and Safety Issues for Wind Energy" to RenewableUK - Health and Safety 2012, on 1st February 2012

  • Gill Ringland launched the Long Finance report “In Safe Hands?” in January 2012.

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