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John Reynolds lecturing 

John Reynolds lecturing

About us

SAMI comprises a pool of tried-and-tested consultants so we can handpick the team that is a perfect match for your project:

  • Fellows: Responsible for the success of SAMI projects. They have all been senior managers in large organisations so they understand the real issues you are facing. Some are from FTSE100 companies while others gained their experience in the public or voluntary sectors, or dealing with startups
  • Principals: Recognised experts in their field, whether as futurists, planners, strategists or change management experts
  • Associates: Network of experts who have been selected to work with us for their in-depth experience of a given sector or role

Michael Owen
Michael Owen


SAMI is a safe alternative to the ‘big four’ consultancies and independent consultants. Here’s why.

Bespoke: We’re smaller and more flexible than the ‘big four’, so all the projects we run are bespoke to your needs. We don’t just pick a ready-made solution off-the-shelf and try to adapt it. Meanwhile, we have sufficient capacity and in-depth resources to fit any particular situation, which means you get the specific support you need.

Expert: Our team of Fellows, Principals and Associates are the best in their field, with expertise that covers many sectors and industries. There is bound to be someone in the SAMI team with the right experience, knowledge and contacts to match your project’s requirements - and such effectiveness really is value for money.

Trustworthy: SAMI was set up as St Andrews Management Institute in 1989; it was incorporated in 1999 and is wholly owned by its staff. Our tools and methodologies are tried, tested and proven, as evidenced by over 200 projects we’ve already delivered in 21 countries, covering the private, public and voluntary sectors. Please see our client list and case studies to find out more.

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