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Law and Finance
     ▐   Allen and Overy
     ▐   Bank of Scotland
     ▐   EBRD
     ▐   Grant Thornton 1
     ▐   Grant Thornton 2
     ▐   Legal and General
     ▐   Nationwide Building Society

     ▐   Arup
     ▐   ConstructionSkills

Other Private Sector
     ▐   Angel Trains
     ▐   Glaxo
     ▐   Man Group
     ▐   Unilever

UK Government
     ▐   Defra Horizon Scanning
     ▐   DfT project

Government Agencies, Local Authorities etc
     ▐   City of London, India and China
     ▐   EU Skills
     ▐   HSE
     ▐   UKCES
     ▐   Scottish Water
     ▐   Sovereign
     ▐   Surrey 2020

     ▐   Europe 2020
     ▐   EC’s Horizon 2020
     ▐   Romania

Third Sector
     ▐   AMA - Road Map to Utopia
     ▐   Christian Aid

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Case studies

The list below links to short case studies of projects SAMI Consulting has undertaken in recent years for a wide variety of clients.

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Law and Finance

  • Allen & Overy
    Allen and Overy, the international law firm, asked SAMI Consulting to help derive scenarios to develop a view of the challenges A&O faced to 2020.
  • Bank of Scotland
    SAMI was invited to lead a study to explore ways of extending the Bank's footprint in England
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    SAMI ran a Scenario Planning Exercise to encourage senior management to re-examine the Bank’s strategies
  • Grant Thornton
    Grant Thornton is one of the world's leading organisations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms.SAMI worked with them on a project called “Future Perspectives”.
  • Legal and General
    For Legal and General, insurance scenarios helped re-focus the organisation as the insurance market changed on the back of demographic changes and new technology.
  • Nationwide Building Society
    Nationwide used scenarios as a means of exploring the complexity and uncertainty of the future of the Financial Services business.


  • Arup
    We used scenarios at Arup to help them think strategically about the opportunities and problems of heady growth.
  • ConstructionSkills
    SAMI Consulting, with Experian, developed a set of quantitative scenarios for UK construction skill needs to 2020.

    Other Private Sector

  • Glaxo
    Glaxo has used SAMI scenarios over the past decade, for corporate strategy and new product space visioning, to driving plans for manufacturing flexibility.
  • Man Group
    For Man Group we worked with their Board to develop scenarios which led to a change in direction for the business
  • Unilever
    The use of scenarios enabled Unilever to see beyond the short term problems of Russia to take a strategic view of a major new market.

    UK Government

  • Defra “Partnership” Horizon Scanning
    SAMI Consulting was commissioned by Defra and a number of partner agencies – Environment Agency, Natural England, Food Standards Agency and the Welsh Government – to undertake a project on reporting on trends and weak signals in the field.
  • Department for Transport
    SAMI ran a year-long Horizon Scanning and Technology Watch project and managed a series of "deep dive" studies into spceific areas.

    Government Agencies etc

  • City of London: Scenarios for India and China
    With the City of London we developed scenarios for India and China to 2015 to examine the threats to and opportunities for financial services in London and produced a substantial report.
  • Energy and Utility Skills (EU Skills)
    The aim of the project was to identify the potential skills challenges of the UK's power industry in 2025 and 2050. SAMI used the global and UK drivers derived in previous skills foresight projects and then undertook horizon scanning on particular issues relating to the power industry and conducted interviews with sector leaders.
  • Health and Safety Executive
    At the Health and Safety Executive, we used scenarios with the team from the Health and safety Laboratory to examine the roles going forward.
    The UK Commission for Employment and Skills commissioned a report draws upon horizon scanning techniques, scenarios and interviews to identify the key drivers of change in the UK and globally which may impact on the employment and skills landscape in England by 2020.
  • Scottish Water
    For Scottish Water we provided horizon scanning inputs to their futures thinking exercise for part of their regulatory review.
  • Sovereign Housing Association
    SAMI helped Sovereign with two strategic reviews in 2007 and 2014. the first was after a major merger, the second to look at the impact of the changing environment for social housing.
  • Surrey Vision 2020
    In Surrey, we worked with the Local Strategic Partnership to develop a Surrey Vision 2020 which has supported them in building cross-silo programmes and projects.


  • European Commission's High Level Expert Group on Convergent Technologies
    As part of the EC's High Level Expert Group on Convergent Technologies, we developed a set of scenarios that enabled meaningful dialogue across 14 countries and 12 academic disciplines.
  • EC’s Horizon 2020 SP
    SAMI Consulting was commissioned by the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Directorate to run three workshops to inform the preparation for the 3rd Strategic Programme (2018-20).
  • Foresight in support of the EC’s Horizon 2020 3rd Strategic Programme
    SAMI Consulting was commissioned to run three workshops covering drivers, scenarios, and implications.
  • Romania
    Over several years, SAMI helped Romania to develop a strategy for Higher Education

    Third Sector

  • AMA - Road Map To Utopia
    The Arts Marketing Association (AMA) is for people who persuade the public to experience the arts. This case study relates to the development of scenarios for the futures of the arts in the UK
  • Christian Aid
    SAMI Consulting helped Christian Aid to develop a set of drivers and initiate high level discussion of their future
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