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Strategic futures analysis techniques

The information in the following pages supports our workshops on Horizon Scanning for Strategy and Policy Development and other futures training; and also provides assistance to anyone looking for information and guidance on anticipating the future.

The material gives an introduction to each of the following futures techniques, supported by further more detailed information and references. To access a technique click on the appropriate link below.

It is a practical course aimed at giving participants a good understanding of a range of futures techniques and exercises to gain confidence in using them. There will also be plenty of opportunities to discuss case studies and for participants to share their experience. Topics covered include:

  1. The Seven Questions
  2. Horizon scanning
  3. Drivers analysis
  4. Scenario planning
  5. Using scenarios to develop and test strategies/policies
  6. Risk analysis
  7. Systems mapping
  8. Modelling
  9. Stakeholder impact analysis
  10. Visioning and metaphors

We intend to develop this material to ensure that it provides the best possible assistance to those wishing to engage in futures analysis. If you have any comments on it or wish to discuss your requirements for generating or using futures material please contact
A presentation on strategic futures in central government and the public sector can be found here.