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  The world is changing. Fast.
You need to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. But you can no longer depend on looking to the past to make decisions about the future.


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Major drivers of change are shaping our world.

SAMI's ongoing horizon scanning tracks these developments to help you see what's coming.


Explore the Future



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The future could play out in many different ways.

SAMI’s structured futures thinking enables you to anticipate alternative outcomes.


Build Robust Plans 



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You need plans that are effective in a range of scenarios.

SAMI’s strategy development skills can help you build robust plans.


SAMI’s core team of futures experts are experienced consultants, used to working at Board level and with the empathy and understanding to really get to grips with your issues. Our wide network of Associates means that we can assemble teams specifically to meet clients’ needs, bringing sector knowledge to the table as necessary. From this pool of tried-and-tested experts we handpick the team that is a perfect match for your project.

Everything we do can be bespoke to meet your particular needs, budget and timescale. We work closely with you to agree a suitable approach. You may want a long-term engagement that resolves a range of issues over months or years. Or a single half-day session that focusses your senior team and helps them reach a quick decision on a topical issue.

We often combine consultancy with training, so you benefit from long-term knowledge transfer as part of the package. We can conduct a study, organise a conference or embark on a joint project. We also help with implementation. As you can imagine, the possibilities are almost endless!







Since 1989, SAMI’s experienced consultants have delivered over 250 foresight and strategy projects in 21 countries. We work in many different sectors and deliver projects of many different kinds, from brief workshops to multi-year foresight support.

  • SAMI is on the Government Office for Science Futures Framework contract
  • We are re-writing the GO-Science Futures Toolkit
  • We supported the European Trade Union Institute in their strategy development
  • The EC Research and Innovation Directorate commissioned is to review future dynamics of innovation relationships with 10 regions of the world. (Project SAFIRE).
  • We helped the Construction Industry Training Board plan for the evolution of skills needs in the sector.