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What We Do - Board Development

Board  Reviews and Corporate Governance

SAMI have carried out a number of Board Reviews, working with the Boards of organisations across different sectors. As specialists in strategic futures and scenario planning, we help Boards to look at their performance in the context of their strategic direction and goals, where they are now, and their past experience. All our reviews have been confidential due to the sensitive nature of how we work and so are our recommendations.

Our approach is to tailor each review to the Governance Framework and culture of the organisation, and specific issues facing it. Often such reviews arise from concerns raised by non-executive members and the Chair.

We work both with the Board collectively, and with the CEO and key Directors, using open structured questions, and covering perceptions, expectations and feelings, as well as the hard facts. We also underpin this with on-line questionnaires covering more detailed issues. Depending on the circumstances and sensitivities in each specific case, we can also go out to external customers, stakeholders and experts for their insights. We use a “Chatham House Rule” approach for all we have contact with, because we find that people give their opinions more freely if their comments are strictly non-attributable. That said, if there are clear divergences between different groups of respondents then we will highlight them so long as their sources cannot be identified.

When we have completed our work we produce a confidential report and often run a workshop with the Board to explore what we have heard and our findings. A successful Review leads to a fresh focus for the Board and its Exec Directors on the things that really matter. We often find that before our review they don’t get the time they require because of the day-to-day agenda – maybe a strategic issue, or a long-overlooked “elephant in the room”. In addition they benefit from the independent view that we provide.

A successful Review will restore clarity about roles, relationships and a shared strategic purpose.

If you are a Board member and think your Board could benefit from our approach do contact us for a confidential discussion about what this might involve. You can use or go direct to our specialist Fellows. They are David Lye, Richard Walsh and Alan Woods.