Strategic Planning

What We Do - Strategic Planning

Many organisations regard Strategic Planning as simply a form of financial planning. At SAMI, we help clients develop “robust decisions in uncertain times”, so our approach is to develop plans that adapt to changing circumstances. 

Once we have built scenarios of the future, we turn to developing strategies or policies that respond to them. First we establish common themes between the scenarios and strategies that perform well in all the scenarios. These form a “base case” strategy. The future is likely to contain elements of each scenario in a combination that cannot be anticipated. It is therefore important to test policies against a range of scenarios to see how effective they are. This process is often called “wind-tunnelling”.

When testing policies against scenarios it is important to consider:

· Their relevance, as the factor being addressed may not be a significant issue in a particular scenario;

· Their practicality, as the policy may not be effective given the conditions in the scenario, or it may
not be politically or financially deliverable; and

· Their implementation. It may be that a policy is potentially successful across a range of scenarios but
the way it is presented and implemented in each could be quite different.