Team Andrew Black

Andrew Black


Andrew has extensive experience in the field of investment analysis, valuations, & value based management. The author of two books, “In Search of Shareholder Value”, and “Questions of Value” (published by Pearson). These look in detail at the issues surrounding value based management and their links to the financial markets. In “Questions of Value” themes around the impact of stricter corporate governance regulations are considered. He is also the Managing Director of Building Value Associates Ltd, whose clients include Volvo, the Design Council, Air New Zealand, Qantas airlines, BP & the MoD amongst others. He is currently a visiting lecturer, at the Warwick Business School, part of Warwick University.

He worked for several years as a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers heading a department that developed and implemented approaches to shareholder value analysis. This included developing a model called “ValueBuilder”. Prior to this he worked in several financial institutions and banks as a global investment strategist, economist and equity analyst. The institutions include Commerzbank, MM Warburg, and MeesPierson.

He also worked as an economist for Unilever and the DTI, as well as being a parliamentary research assistant for then Minister of Overseas Development.

He holds a Ph.D and an MSc in economics from London University, and BA in economics from Sussex University.. Prior to this he held positions as a research fellow at the Science Centre in Berlin, where he did research on industrial economics and the automobile industry and at the Max Planck Institute in Starnberg. He has spent many years linking economic thinking to business analysis. He is also a keen sailor