Team David Lye

David Lye


David has over 15 years Board-level experience, as Chief Executive and Director of Public Sector agencies, and member of the Senior Civil Service. He is now a  fellow of SAMI.

As a successful change manager he implemented transformation of NHS West Midlands, from a regional health authority employing over 1,000 people to a regional office employing just 135. As Chief Executive he managed transformation of the Public Guardianship Office from 550 to 300 staff, achieving full cost recovery for the first time in the agency’s history and improving customer satisfaction at the same time.

He has driven customer focus in the NHS. As Programme Director, he achieved access to NHS dentistry for an extra 2.3 million people between 2008 and 2010. At the Public Guardianship Office he saw a 72% reduction in customer complaints in a year. As Director of Performance in NHS West Midlands, responsible for service commissioning, he achieved what were then the shortest waiting times for operations in the UK.

He is an innovator and strategic thinker. As Head of Dentistry at DH (2007-11) he devised a pilot contract which has been welcomed both by Ministers and the dental profession. As Implementation Programme Director for the reform of the Mental Health Act (2004-07), he completely recast the Government’s reforms to the tribunal system in the light of criticism by mental health professionals and service users, prior to successful implementation. As Chief Executive of the Public Guardianship Office, he led a complete overhaul of customer services, leading to the elimination of backlogs of work, reduction in costs, and improvement in customer and staff satisfaction. At NHS West Midlands he introduced systematic performance review, based on patient-focused service specifications.