Team Garry Honey

Garry Honey


A strategy consultant specialising in risk decisions in governing bodies. He has worked in both private and public sector as a consultant, author and facilitator for over 25 years. Prior to that he held a variety of senior management roles: Marketing Director, Strategy Consultant, Head of Communications and Client Services Director.

Garry’s early career was spent in European brand marketing in FMCG after which he became a strategy consultant for KPMG consulting. He founded Chiron in 2000, a communication risk consultancy, designed to improve the handling of strategic risks: reputation, political and ethical.

Garry offers an innovative approach to decision making for boards using latest thinking on future uncertainty, behavioural economics and cognitive bias. This enables boards to resist ‘groupthink’. He recent work includes governance reviews, board assessments and cultural audits.

He believes that risk has become a control function in many organisations, and too often seen only as a threat to business continuity. Risk at board level should be embraced as uncertainty with the option to create value and opportunity: risk as a business enabler is a radical and liberating concept. He is interested in how boards articulate risk to diverse stakeholder audiences with different expectations.