Team Dr William Blyth

Dr William Blyth


William has worked for 20 years in the analysis of energy security and climate change. He is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House, and a Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London. He is Director of Oxford Energy Associates, an independent energy research company. He is an expert in energy sector economics & policies specialising in transitions to a low-carbon economy and energy access in developed and developing countries. His work includes policy analysis of electricity markets and carbon markets, modelling of investment decisions under uncertainty, and development of energy strategy.

He has recently undertaken assignments for a wide range of national and international organisations including the World Bank, African Development Bank, UK Energy Research Centre, International Renewable Energy Agency, OECD, International Energy Agency, the Electric Power Research Institute, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Institute of Sustainable Development, as well as many UK government departments and institutions. He has published widely on a range of topics related to climate and energy security, and is the author of over 20 peer reviewed papers and books.

William previously worked at the International Energy Agency in Paris, the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen and for AEA Technology Environment. He has a DPhil in Physics from Oxford University.