What We Do - Cohort

Share practical experiences of foresight with fellow professionals and SAMI experts

 The SAMI “Futures Cohort” is a group  for sharing foresight experiences between our clients and contacts. Being part of the cohort provides you with an opportunity to join with a small group of clients from other organisations to form an online group, where participants support each other over time in developing futures skills.  We believe that sharing experiences will help you to embed futures thinking in your organisations and as a result be better positioned for the future uncertainties, so that you are able to respond quickly to take advantage of opportunities and minimise risks.

 Sessions are held every two months over Zoom. They are based around an “Action Learning” approach in which the group share their experiences of applying various futures techniques, and organisational issues around embedding futures thinking in the planning cycle. Sometimes a session will feature a presentation by SAMI experts on specific topics.  Topics we have covered include:

·       How do we get engagement in Futures Thinking?

·       What are the key drivers of change?

·       How do we identify weak signals.  

The Cohort group  provides a safe and supportive environment to discuss your challenges with fellow professionals who face or have faced similar issues when putting futures thinking into practice.

The next round of the Cohort will begin in September 2022, with six 1 ½ hour sessions over a 12-month period.  To join contact . There is a nominal charge of £500 + VAT per person (with discounts for more than one person per organisation, charities and other selected clients)