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European Commission: SAMI Consulting provided the foresight element of a consortium working on the Foresight and Strategic Intelligence System (SAFIRE) for the EC Research and Innovation Directorate. An innovative “Journey Game” enabled consideration of different routes to the future across a scenario “gameboard”.

European Trade Union Institute: A case study of the work SAMI and ETUI did together in 2020-2021 on developing ETUI strategy is now available.  This was a complete project starting with Horizon Scanning and finishing with detailed strategic plans for implementation after Roadmapping. 

Construction Industry Training Board: SAMI conducted horizon scanning, seven questions interviews and three scenario workshops to help CITB answer the question “What are the potential operating environments for the UK construction sector to 2030 and beyond and the resulting key issues for skills and training?”.

European Agency for for Safety and health at Work; EU-OSHA wanted to review the impact of ICT and related technologies on the health and safety environment. SAMI conducted research, created scenarios and helped explore how different strategies worked in each scenario.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: SAMI worked closely with the EBRD project team, providing methodological support throughout. The three stages were research and interviews identifying key drivers of change; scenario creation; and a strategy workshop, in which the scenarios were used to explore the implications for EBRD.

Since 1989, SAMI’s experienced consultants have delivered over 250 foresight and strategy projects in 21 countries.  We work in many different sectors and deliver projects of many different kinds, from brief workshops to multi-year foresight support. 

Below are some examples of our work.

UK Government

SAMI is on the Government Office for Science Futures Framework Contract.

This makes it easy for Government departments, Agencies and other public sector bodies to commission Futures work. GO-Science awarded us 28/30 for “Skills and expertise in Futures and other technical areas”.

To find out more about what we offer specifically to Government, go to our Government page, see our Futures Framework Prospectus  or email government@samiconsulting.co.uk for a copy.

Defra “Partnership” Horizon Scanning: SAMI ran a project on reporting on trends for Defra and a number of partner agencies – Environment Agency, Natural England, Food Standards Agency and the Welsh Government.

Department for Transport:  SAMI ran a Horizon Scanning and Technology Watch project and managed a series of “deep dive” studies into specific areas.

Government Agencies etc

 City of London:  we developed scenarios for India and China to examine the threats to and opportunities for financial services in London.

Energy and Utility Skills (EU Skills): to identify the potential skills challenges of the UK’s power industry in 2025 and 2050.

Health and Safety Executive: we used scenarios with the team from the Health and safety Laboratory to examine the roles going forward.

UK Commission on Employment and Skills: identified the key drivers of change in the UK and globally which may impact on the employment and skills landscape in England by 2020.

Sovereign Housing Association: two strategic reviews: firstly after a major merger, then looking at the impact of the changing environment for social housing.


European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Convergent Technologies: scenarios that enabled meaningful dialogue across 14 countries and 12 academic disciplines.

EC’s Horizon 2020  three workshops covering drivers, scenarios, and implications to inform the preparation for the 3rd Strategic Programme (2018-20).

Romania Over several years, SAMI helped Romania to develop a strategy for Higher Education.

Law and Finance

Allen and Overy
Scenario development used for client communication.

Bank of Scotland:
A study to explore ways of extending the Bank’s footprint in England.

Legal and General:
Scenarios helped re-focus the organisation as demographics and new technology changed the market.

Nationwide Building Society:
Scenarios were used to exploring the complexity and uncertainty of the future of the Financial Services business.


Arup:  We used scenarios to help them think about the opportunities and problems of growth.

Construction Industry Training Board:   SAMI conducted horizon scanning, seven questions interviews and three scenario workshops to help CITB answer the question “What are the potential operating environments for the UK construction sector to 2030 and beyond and the resulting key issues for skills and training?”

Other Private Sector

Glaxo:  Scenarios for corporate strategy and new product space visioning, to driving plans for manufacturing flexibility.

 Man Group: We worked with their Board to develop scenarios which led to a change in direction for the business.

Unilever:  The use of scenarios enabled Unilever to see beyond the short term problems of Russia to take a strategic view of a major new market.

Third Sector

Arts Marketing Associations  A case study “roadmap to Utopia” related to the development of scenarios for the futures of the arts in the UK.

Christian Aid  SAMI Consulting helped Christian Aid to develop a set of drivers and initiate high level discussion of their future.