What We Do

What We Do

We provide consultancy and support to help you develop plans that can withstand the impacts of change and the wide range of potential futures.  We will show you how to identify and understand the issues most likely to create challenges or open up opportunities, and help you develop robust strategies to adapt to them.

Everything we do can be bespoke to meet your particular needs, budget and timescale. We work closely with you to agree a suitable approach. You may want a long-term engagement that resolves a range of issues over months or years. Or a single half-day session that focuses your senior team and helps them reach a quick decision on a topical issue.


  • A set of twelve drivers of change that we have analysed provides a start-point for the examination of the future for your organisation.
  • Linking these with tailored Horizon Scanning and interviews/focus groups enables you to identify critical factors that are both important and uncertain.


  • Using the bespoke Drivers of Change , we create alternative views of the future – internally consistent visions that capture a range of ways in which the world may turn out.
  • Testing different strategies or policies against each of these to establish their effectiveness and robustness.
  • Applying a range of other Foresight tools and techniques to help explore the implications of change.


  • Helping Boards look at their performance in the context of their strategic direction and goals: where they are now, and the potential risks and opportunities.
  • Restoring clarity about roles, relationships and a shared strategic purpose; examine the key strategic issues, or a long-overlooked “elephant in the room”.
  • Challenging unconscious assumptions and bias; overcoming “groupthink”.


  • Running bespoke in-house courses for strategy teams and leadership teams.
  • Offering open courses for individuals wanting to get up to speed on strategic foresights.
  • Building knowledge transfer into our consultancy projects.


  • A scheme for sharing foresight experiences between our clients and contacts
  • a mix of presentations by SAMI experts and an “Action Learning” approach, sharing experiences of applying futures techniques, and organisational issues in the planning cycle


Find out more by contacting us at info@samiconsulting.co.uk