We like to keep you up with our thinking. We publish monthly newsletters and weekly blogposts. Our conference presentations and general publications/white papers are also available, as are a number of client reports that are in the public domain.  And as part of our training services we have briefing notes on a wide range of foresight tools and techniques. 

Foresight & Strategy

We publish a monthly news-letter with news and comment on events, publications and issues relating to futures. You can sign up in the column to the right.


SAMI continuously monitors emerging trends and regularly comments on them with posts on our blog. Keep up to date by following our blog. We also have collations of blogs by topic and year.

Presentations and Publications

We make a number of public presentations annually, and publish papers on futures issues. Some of our clients permit publication of reports we help prepare for them.

Working papers

From time to time, SAMI pulls together its thinking on a range of topics into more substantial Working Papers. Often a collation of blogposts, these Working Papers provide a consolidated perspective on the subject.


We have synopses of the techniques we use for our futures consulting activities and which we use in our training sessions. You may find them useful to help understand what is possible in looking at the future.