Strategic futures analysis techniques

As well as using a range of well-established futures tools and techniques in its projects, SAMI frequently introduces innovations to make them even more effective.  Some of our recent innovations include:
– Journey Game:  helps workshop participants explore the journey to the future across a scenario map
– Four Horizons: adds a retrospective element to the classic “Three Horizons” model
– Adaptive Plans: takes “wind-tunnelling” further into a base case, a set of contingency plans, and trigger points
Integrated qualitative and quantitative foresight: bringing together scenarios and financial modelling
– New use of online tools in remote and hybrid settings

We continue to use the more standard tools listed below.  There are links to pages with additional information to the right.

  •  SAMI Seven questions: a modified version of a structured interview technique designed to draw out perceptions of the future
  • Horizon Scanning: using a range of approaches to identify recent development.
  • Drivers analysis: identifying the critical factors underpinning change in the area under analysis
  • Scenario Planning: exploring different possible futures and their implications
  • Wind-tunnelling: testing policies against different scenarios
  • Risk analysis
  • Systems Mapping
  • Modelling
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Visioning

We also have written a summary of these techniques. Get in touch with us  for your copy.