Team Joe Little

Joe Little


Joe Little spent 30 years at BP Oil and Gas and 2 years in BAe, from where he retired in 2019. In the latter 13 years in BP he was part of the elite emerging technology team called the CTO. This was a group charged with getting out of the organisation and working closely with VCs, SMEs, startups, academia and major research groups to establish the likely impact of new technologies and educate the executive and senior level leaders. He lead several waves of technology evangelisation such as Immersive Technology (virtual worlds, gamification, VR/AR, remote operations, Digital Twins), Satellite and Robotics as well as research into Industry 4.0 and The Future of the Airport. In his time he has presented keynotes at many conferences as well as Stanford, MIT, University of Edinburgh Business School and IE Madrid. He continues to advise business and start-ups primarily introducing technologies into large companies and is a certified Future Forecaster with the IFTF.  He joined SAMI as an associate  in 2020.