Team Martin Duckworth

Martin Duckworth


Martin Duckworth is a strategist, with a proven ability to develop business solutions and the processes needed to move an organisation forward. Experienced in assessing strategic situations, and in developing new markets and new business models: uses futures thinking and scenario planning to enhance the analysis of the external and competitor environment, and develop new business.

In ten years with The Boots Group PLC he was responsible for competitor analysis and developed an intranet to increase cross-company awareness. He took part in a number of strategic and innovation projects, taking the ideas through into generating new business.

Earlier he was a Global Derivatives Analyst at Citibank, and a Systems Engineer with IBM and BT. He has an MBA from Manchester Business School and a First Class degree from Cambridge University, and is a SAMI Principal.

His SAMI projects have included work for the National Trust at Avebury, future proofing CSR for BNFL, for the Environment Agency on emerging themes and creating scenarios for the Health and Safety Executive.